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November 10, 2017

Gone are the days when children used to shy away from joining aviation courses at a young age. We now have enthusiastic teenagers and young adults willing to jump into the frenzy of aviation. The journey for the next generation of Aviation experts starts today.  


November 10, 2017

Our insatiable demand to travel by air is on the rise. We travel by air for distances where we buses and rails were the norm a few decades ago. Research states that over the coming 2 years, we will need more than 87 new pilots to fly a plane every day to meet the publi...

October 6, 2017

Have you been contemplating about becoming a pilot? Well, it is high time you got out of the contemplation and started implementing your passion in reality. Most youngsters with the passion to become pilots are looking for the final push to propel them forward. The mot...