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All You Need To Know About Starting an Early Aviation Career

The clock ticks by as the odyssey of life continues on. For all our life we rue chances that we have missed, cry over opportunities that have gone out of our grasp and ponder over the time gone by. Kick the regret out of the picture and live in the moment by changing the career options for your little ones. The Youth Aviation programs offered by West Michigan Flight Academy are just about perfect for all young adults interested in aviation.

The numerous programs offered by WMFA are tailor made for the needs of young adults coming under a broad age group of 4th-12th graders. The programs, which are organized and managed under the supervision of expert trainers, are an upgrade to the Young Eagles program organized by Experimental Aircraft Association. The Young Eagles program had played an important role in igniting the passion for aviation between kids, and the WMFA training modules are no different. WMFA aims to provide kids of all ages, teen or tween, the opportunity to experience the mesmerizing feeling of bewilderment aboard a plane.

The Benefits of Enrolling your Child at WMFA

West Michigan Flight Academy offers a brilliant blend of all that is deemed necessary for a child. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not only providing children with technical education, but are doing so in an environment that is monitored and well maintained for the grooming of every child that comes in any of our programs. A few of the advantages that you will benefit from once you enroll your child at WMFA are:

1. A dedicated team of professionals: We boast of a dedicated team of trainers that will step outside their comfort zone to ensure that your child gets a perfect experience during their program. The trainers will ensure that the children not only enhance skills regarding aviation, but also develop their character and discipline. Rest assured, these dedicated professionals are all that a child needs while doing an adventurous activity.

2. Numerous Programs Suiting Your Needs: We have numerous programs that are made to suit the needs of your child. From an in school program to an after school program, our training programs are well drafted and comprehensively incorporate knowledge during the specified period.

3. Enthralling Summer Camp: Tired of having your kids bickering at home during their summer vacation? Would you like them to experience the thrill of aviation during the period? Worry no more, as you can enroll your children in our enthralling summer camp for vacations full of thrill and knowledge.

So, the question we have to ask now is, are you ready to surf the skies? Is your answer is YES, then feel free to give us a call, or write us an email; and let's find out the best suiting program for you, or perhaps get you up and flying as soon as tomorrow. If you need expedited info, just click here to download our e-Brochure for more information as well.

Cheers and Blue Skies,



Miguel del Rosario | WMFA Editor

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