Next Generation Aviation Professionals

Gone are the days when children used to shy away from joining aviation courses at a young age. We now have enthusiastic teenagers and young adults willing to jump into the frenzy of aviation. The journey for the next generation of Aviation experts starts today.

While aviation training for young teenagers has become a rising trend only recently, West Michigan Flight Academy started working towards it a long time back. Found more than a decade ago by Patrick Johnson, a commercial pilot with 15 years of experience, WMFA has been training young aviators since 2007. As a result, the experts at WMFA can well be regarded as thought leaders due to their efforts in realizing the need of young adults.

Ever since their inception, they have aimed to inculcate a general ability of enhanced learning within talented individuals that want to rise above the challenges to lead the wave of aviation professionals in the next generation.

Benefits of Aviation Training at 14 Years

The chief purpose behind WMFA is to ignite the love for flying and develop the basic sense of aviation within youngsters before the age of 14. The benefits of doing so are:

The Passion is High

It is an understood fact that the passion is high among young teenagers. Teenagers with a passion towards aviation will be more inclined to what they are seeing and will better implement all that is being taught to them. This cannot be said of people aged older. As people grow, they stop feeling the same inclination and vigor they felt towards a thing they liked than they did as teenagers.

Hence, the basic concept behind the training schedule at WMFA is to strike while the iron is hot and the passion is high among young teenagers.

Aviation is Diverse

It is hard to ignore the link that Aviation has with critical thinking, sharpening the senses, and science and how it can help all young adults with what they are doing in school or in their home-schooling. The aviation training will go hands in hands with what is being taught at school, to make a pattern of useful learning.

It Feeds Their Imaginations

The imagination of your kid is what will make them go places once they grow older. Flying through the air requires looking at the world from a different perspective, and often seeing the bigger picture from far above. Being able to look at the land from above is often a paradigm shift for the youngsters.

Additionally, the brilliant concepts behind winged flight, and the aviation industry in general, coupled with how aerodynamics can be related to the performance and leaps of their favorite sportsmen will definitely feed their imagination and gear them up for the future.

The passion that your kid has for aviation complemented with the dedication of our staff will create a force that will propel our next generation of aviation professionals forward.



Miguel del Rosario | WMFA Editor

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